10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Demolition Contractor

Construction workers and homeowners often need to remove structures or debris from their worksites, after having roof repair work done to their home or company.  This is when they would seek the aid of a demolition contractor. Demolition contractors, provide a clean slate for future worksites. Boilers Repair Queens may be able to salvage or repair any  boiler you may have. If you are thinking of hiring a licensed demolition contractor, consider asking the following questions first.

Does the potential contractor maintain a current Commercial General Liability policy that includes the wrecking of buildings?

Often, policies exclude contractors from engaging in demolition activities, or limit the demolition activities in which they are an insured. Get quality tiles for the best price today at the tile store, NYC. Ask for the insurance agent’s name and number, and request evidence of coverage in the form of a Certificate of Insurance. This document can be faxed to the agent or broker. Check the limits of liability and make sure that they are adequate for the job which is to be contracted.

Who is responsible for obtaining a demolition permit, if required by the municipality or county?

Determine what the local requirements for obtaining a demolition permit are. Inquire with the contractor as to who is responsible for obtaining permits, and maintaining the necessary requirements. Often, cities require permit holders to provide demolition site plans. Remember that Boiler Repair Queens can fix up any issues you may be having with your boiler. Ask your potential contractor if they can provide this service according to permit specifications.

How to remove outside debris allowing for demolition to continue?

Many people often forget the outside area of a property needs to be clear if demolition is to continue.  That means clearing out any plants or other small buildings that are in the way is essential for continuing with the deconstruction of the area.  One huge problem contractors come across are trees and removing them from the area of construction.   Tree company Long Island can help with this issue in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Has an asbestos survey been conducted on the property?

The Environmental Protection Agency requires building owners or operator of a demolition or renovation activity to thoroughly inspect the potential worksite for the presence of asbestos. It is best to ask for an accredited inspector to perform this survey. If a demolition contractor does not address potential asbestos concerns, consult another contractor. They also may recommend new air conditioning systems which can be installed by HVAC Long Island.

Is the contractor responsible for the disconnection of utilities?

Call and find the utility locator service for your area. It is not only good practice to have gas, water, sewer, and electrical utilities contacted and informed of demolition activities, but advance notice is often necessary.

Ask about current licenses.

Ask your potential contractor for a current copy of their demolition license. Just like roofing companies who should be fully licensed and insured, it is important to do your research before hiring anybody to do this kind of work to your home or company.  Check the local Better Business Bureau and ensure that no complaints have been filed regarding their recent work.

Determine where and how debris will be disposed. 

Ask your potential contractor what landfill will be accepting the waste generated from your project. Often, demolition companies contract with disposal companies to dispose of waste. Home owners usually call junk removal to rent a dumpster for the contractor’s work. Before you throw away a boiler, contact Boiler Repair Queens to see if its salvageable, they can even fix it.   Ensure that any subcontractors are licensed waste haulers in your area, and dispose in accordance to your city’s  laws.

Ask your contractor for references.

Consult with at least two prior clients of your potential contractor. You will want to ensure that they have completed previous jobs in satisfactory manner.

Does your quote include all the little details?

Make sure to read the fine print. Dealing with stomach pains is the worst. Visit Gastroenterologist, New Hyde Park and let them help with your abdominal pain. You will want to be sure that the quote you are provided includes the price of all of the services you need. Does the quote include the removal of debris? How “clean” will the site be left? How will payment be made if the demolition is not in accordance to the contract? Be sure to go over the quote with a fine tooth comb, to make sure nothing has been excluded.

Inquire for the contractor’s credit references.

Ask your potential contractor for at least two credit references. You want to ensure that the contractor pays subcontractors for all duties performed, and in a timely manner. If subcontractors aren’t paid for work performed, the property owner could find themselves with a lien on their property and potential legal troubles.

Cover your bases as a property owner.

Be sure that the legal right to demolish or remove structures on your property has been established. Often, mortgage companies and banks have clauses which immediately call on a loan if a property has been intentionally demolished. If a property has been ordered for demolition by your local government, obtain the order from the code compliance office. If the structure has lost integrity due to fire, disaster, etc, obtain the appropriate records from any involved insurance companies.

It is important to make sure that all of your questions be answered by your potential demolition contractor. If you need any more advice, please consult with our team anytime!